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Adik ipar menang peraduan, so the prize was a ticket to Lost World of Tambun. Becoz she is in Australia, so she decided to give the ticket to us, huhuhuhu...katenyer hadiah utk kami pi honeymoon. So we actually went there on 20th May 2017. This is the first time kami ke sini before this just dengar jer org pergi bercuti kat sni.

So here i will share u some of the pics that we had taken during our short trip there. Honestly klau ada anak2 lagi seronok rase nyer, huhuhu..maybe next time we will come again with our ank2 buah kot.

Me at the entrance

Us at the entrance

This is like pantai buatan 

Me riding this, hubby tak berani takut muntah kata nyer,hehehe..

The Siberian tiger
Riding the Swan
Feeding the fishes
The Dulang Tea House
Hubby rest for a while ;)
Us riding the Elephant..this is just a monument..ala kecik nyer kami ;)
Mendulang tin
I love hippo !!! Hippo was sleeping la dont disturb..
At the Hippo Kingdom u can see the Hippo sleeping underwater
Hi there buddy!!
Hi there monkies!!! 
This was the best place, most of all becoz the scenery was breathtaking
Tales of the tribe
The Hot this place so much, enjoying the hot spring pool

Actually ada banyak lagi tmpt inside this place..tapi kami jalan smp letih nak ambil gambar, hahahaha..and we really enjoy ourselves...

Dah penat jalan and mandi..kami  check in hotel and tido...zzzzzzz

Bangun tido dah lapar, so we decided to go out dinner with my sister. We went to this restaurant not far away from Tambun actually, haiyoo i forgot the place name, huhuhuhu...otherwise the foods were good and delicious.


Dah alang-alang sampai ke Ipoh, we decided to visit several places in Ipoh.

1st: Muzium Darul Ridzuan

Kayuh bang jgn tak kayuh

Handsome kan my hubby ;)

2nd: Gunung Lang

Muka berkerut sbb panas sgt

My hubby loves the deer so much ;)

The view is breathtaking

3rd: Kellies's Castle

That's the end of our short trip...
Tq for reading..

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